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Case Results

$3.5 Million

Slip and Fall

Recovery for neck and lower back injuries caused by a slip and fall on melted snow within a residential apartment building

$2.75 Million

Slip and Fall Accident

Recovery for injuries sustained following a slip and fall accident in a negligently maintained apartment building

$1.3 Million

Car Accident

Rear end collision – significant back and neck injuries


Slip and Fall

Successfully recovered settlement for accident caused by uneven sidewalk located in front of commercial building.


Car Accident

Recovery for injuries in motor vehicle accident on bridge


Slip and Fall Accident

Successfully recovery for a slip and fall on water in a hotel lobby causing an ankle fracture.


Product Liability

Wrist fracture — worker injured after a defective tire exploded while being installed onto the rim of a vehicle


Trip and Fall

Elderly man injured on defective New York City sidewalk – ankle fracture


Slip and Fall Accident

Wrist ligament tear — slip and fall on New York City sidewalk


Sidewalk Accident

New York City sidewalk accident — ankle injuries


Car Accident

Car accident — ankle tears following sideswipe accident


Premises Liability

Child injured by defective apartment door


Car Accident

Wrist fracture – sideswipe accident


Car Accident

Lumbar disc bulge – rear end accident


Car Accident

Shoulder tear — rear end car accident